At the Almogàvers Parc Veterinary Clinic we deal with any kind of illness your pet might have.  it’s only needed an exhaustive exploration to have information about what the problem may be, and could explain you how to solve it.



Ensure the health of our pets before they become sick is the base of our job. But how can we prevent illnesses?

At the Almogàvers Parc Veterinary Clinic we give you guidelines on diet, vaccination and handling to prevent our best fiends becoming sick, Because if we can prevent illnesses, it will not be necessary to heal them!


Some processes may not be medically solved and surgery may be needed. To do it in a more effective way, we have a fully equipped operations room and the best specialists to ensure the surgery success.



Our pet health starts from a good dental hygiene. Therefore, we offer a professional, safe and accurate dental hygiene service. We can also give you advice on how to prevent tartar deposits and the bad breath. Ask us!         

OUR OWN Laboratory

There are some cases where having immediate analytical results is essential.

That is why at the Clínica Veterinària Almogàvers Parc we have a fully equipped laboratory to do all kind of blood, urine, faeces,… analysis, and have immediate results to have your pet diagnosis as soon as possible.

imaging diagnostics (radiology and ultrasonography)

In our clinic we have an indirect digital radiology service to detect any problem in a fast and easy way, and with a better imaging quality.

Also, we provide the best ultrasonography service to detect every disease.

Microchips, passports and official certificates

The microchip is a small mandatory implant in all older than 3 months dogs, cats and ferrets . We digitally associate the animal’s data with the owner to make recovery easier in case of loss.

At the Clínica Veterinària Almogàvers Parc we make the microchip’s implantation and activation, and we do all the needed procedures to facilitate their travelling around the world, only giving us the necessary documentation.


Skin is the biggest organ we human and animals have. Dogs, cats and rabbits can also have skin diseases like allergies, bacterial, fungal or parasite infections; immunomediate diseases…and they can be shown as otitis, redness, itchiness, hair loss…
Ask us and we will try to make your pet have a beautiful and healthy hair and skin.


Heart diseases appear more frequently in old animals, but sometimes also in young ones.

A periodic exploration will let us detect anomalous sounds that can be early detected to prevent later diseases as cardiomegalia, valvular pathologies or lung edema.


Who does not want to preserve your pet tender gaze? Eyes can have some conditions: from ulcer, eyelid or cornea inflamation, infections, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases…

At the Clínica Veterinària Almogàvers Parc we will give you advice on the best way to proceed to ensure your pet’s ocular health.


orthopedic medicine and surgery

At the Clínica Veterinària Almogàvers Parc have the best specialists to fix any medical or surgical orthopaedics disease.




At the Clínica Veterinària Almogàvers Parc we make day hospitalization in case of need. We have the best quality boxes and completely equipped with systems to make sure of your pet’s quick recovery.





YES! Here we attend the animals nobody thinks about: rabbits, hamsters, ferrets… and do the fist care for their wellbeing.



Feline medicine

Were you thinking we forgot your cats?? At the Clínica Veterinària Almogàvers Parc we keep in mind cats need an special attention, in a more quiet environment. That’s why we dispone an appart waiting room and consultation, exclusive for them, to make their visit to our centre a calmed and nice experience. We also have achieved accreditation as a Cat Friendly Clinic (CFC) by the International Society of Feline Medicine. It aims to promote well-being and high standards of care for all cats visiting or being hospitalised in a veterinary clinic, always stress-free to promote a better experience of the cat.