Isabel Seseras –Veterinary and Director-

Licensed at the Veterinary Faculty of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in 2009.

She has been working since 2001 in several clinics and hospitals in Barcelona and surroundings, first as a vet assistant and later as a veterinary.

She regularly assists in many national and international courses and congresses to ensure of being in constant updating. This way, she works at the Clínica Veterinària Almogàvers Parc with the best experience and professional training to help your pets.

At present membership of the Feline Medicine Specialty Group (GEMFE) of the Small Animals Vet Association (AVEPA), and the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).


Irene Matas –Vet Nurse and Recepcionist-

Certified as a Veterinary Assistant at the Escola d’Oficis de Catalunya and with Pet Groomer studies at the Montjuïc Veterinary Hospital.

She has worked in several veterinary clinics around Barcelona.

She joined the Clínica Veterinària Almogàvers Parc to collaborate in your pets wellness, give you some pet care advice and attend your needs with the best attention.


VETERINARY ULTRASOUND SERVICE with more than 10 years of experience offering quality imaging services, with the best professionals and latest equipment.






Endoscopy, specialised in general surgery and minimal invasive surgery, that allows us to offer our clients the best and more advanced surgery techniques, thanks to a very experienced team.




    CARLOS VICH CORDÓN – Dermovet Veterinarian dermatology exclusive service with more than 20 years experience.





   JAVIER LAGIOIOSA- Oftalmovilvet Veterinarian oftalmology and oftalmic surgery exclusive service.






   VÍCTOR TRILLA – Instrumevet Servei exclusiu de traumatologia i cirurgia ortopèdica veterinària amb més de 20 anys d’experiència.






  We are also collaborating center in the Escola d’Oficis de Catalunya Veterinarian Nurses formation, allowing the students that finished their studies to do internships in our centre, learning how is the day in a veterinary clinic, and facilitating their incorporation to a job.     Royal Canin