•JUNE 2021: Neutering: 

¿What is neutering an animal? Es surgically remove testicles in male and uterus and ovaries in females.


¿When can it be done?

     In male cats  we can do it around 5-6 months old, when puberty and urine marking start.

     In female cats  we do it before the first heat, around 5-6 months old

     In male dogs  we can do it around 6-9 months old.

    In female dogs  we do it before the first heat, around 6 months old. 


¿Why before the first heat? Because when we do the surgery in this time we reduce the probability of breast cancer to practically  0%.


¿Which caring does your dog or cat need when neutered?

   *The day of the surgery the animal will be quieter than normal. It’s important to let them rest

  *From the next day your dog or cat will need medication (your vet will tell you the instructions) and heal the wound.

  *It’s important don’t allow them to  lick the surgical zone to avoid the stitches to open or be infected. For this we will use a collar to allow the wound to be dry, and keep the stitches far from the animal reach.

  *Walks first days after the surgery will be shorter than normal to avoid the internal stitches to be opened.

  *We will recheck the animal 7-10 days after the surgery to remove the stitches if needed.


-¿Do the animals gain weight after the surgery?

Once recovered, we will go back to our normal routine of walks and exercise with our best friend, only changing their diet to a neutered food. It has less calories. This way we will adapt their needs to their new physical condition.



  •FEBRUARY AND MARCH 2021: Leishmania detection and prevention.

  Te explicamos información sobre la leishmania en nuestro blog:   https://cvalmogaversparc.com/es_ES/la-terrible-leishmaniosi


•NOVEMBER AND DESEMBER 2020: Discounts in oral health!

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OCTOBER 2020: Offers in neutering this month only! 20% discount on neutering in dogs and cats


SEPTEMBER 2020: Did you know it’s very important to check your older than 7 years old animal’s blood pressure for an early kidney or thyroid diseases detection? If you bring us your +7 years old best friend this month, we will check their blood pressure FOR FREE! Call us at 93.485.30.10 or send us a whatsapp at 662.207.308 for a prior appointment.    Call us at 93.485.30.10 or send us a whatsapp at 662.207.308 for a prior appointment.